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CIBC's Debuts Small Business Net Banking Service via Internet Cafes

CIBC is introducing a national Internet Cafe program to train employees and clients to take advantage of the Net through a new Internet banking service for small business customers.

More than 1,000 CIBC employees from the Greater Toronto Area as well as small business customers will participate in the two-hour Internet Caf sessions being held daily until the end of the month in CIBC's main branch in Toronto.

CIBC plans to take the Internet Cafe to communities across the country by the end of the year, with confirmed sessions scheduled for Peterborough, Halifax, Winnipeg, and Vancouver through the end of September.

Small business customers participating in the Internet Cafe will get a hands-on introduction to CIBC PC Banking's newest secure Internet business banking service. The service at CIBC PC Banking, offers Business Convenience Account clients a variety of options and access to 500 business related links.

All the Small Business Banking information sites are accessible to non-Business Convenience Account clients, but they will not be able to conduct transactions without first applying for their BCA account, the company said.

For further information, contact Joe Heim, CIBC Electronic Banking, Toronto.