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Yellow Pages UK Chooses FileNET Integrated Document Management Solution

British Telecom's Yellow Pages UK implemented a 550-seat integrated document management (IDM) solution from California's FileNET Corporation.

It is using the Panagon- and Watermark-based solution in its customer support, customer services, debt management and finance departments, the company stated.

"As an information company, we recognised the need to store and manage customer information and ensure that it is made widely available within the organisation," said Marcus Hall, Yellow Page's EDM project manager. "During 1997, we made the decision to implement a document management solution in order to reap the potential benefits of allowing customer inquiries to be handled quickly and efficiently."

According to the firm, Yellow Pages will use the Panagon-based solution to hold correspondence from customers, archive sales information and handle invoices. The Watermark component will be used for scanning the incoming information.

To implement the system, Yellow Pages worked with Relational Development Ltd. (RDL), a FileNET ValueNET partner.

"The team effort has ensured that the business benefits set for the project have been delivered to a large number of users over a wide range of business functions," said Roger Clark, director of RDL.

Development of the new system started in May 1997, and at nine months was rolled out to approximately 480 users across several different areas of business. The solution runs on Windows NT servers, accessed from Windows 95 on the desktop.