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Commerce One Expands Operation to Europe

Commerce One Inc., a provider of Web-based, enterprise procurement solutions that link buying and selling organizations into real-time trading communities, hired execs to expand sales in Europe.

Jon Sofield, former managing director of TDS Internet, was named sales director for the UK and Ireland. TDS Internet specializes in electronic commerce solutions and achieved early breakthroughs with leading UK companies, including British Telecom's 'Trading Places' which was classed as a first in European online trading.

Christian Kunze is heading Commerce One's development in France. Kunze, a dual French/USA citizen, has 14 years of experience in international sales and business development. As the European sales manager for MIPS Computer Systems, he successfully established NeXT Software in France, Spain and Italy.

Juerg W. Maybach, a co-founder of EDIFACT AG in Switzerland, was hired to manage the company's 'Swiss Commerce Initiative' together with leading consulting, hardware and software partners, to create an electronic InterBusiness procurement market. European operations are based in Zurich.

The Commerce Chain Solution by Commerce One is a real-time, end-to-end electronic commerce solution for business-to-business transactions. The suite of products includes:

  • Commerce One BuySite, an Internet-based electronic procurement solution that automates the internal processes associated with product selection, requisition, approval and procurement.
  • Commerce One Electronic Commerce Network, an extranet-based supplier management solution that automates the external processes and transactions between trading partners.

Separately, Commerce One launched Multi-Supplier Catalog 3.1, a pre-packaged catalog for rapid implementation of electronic procurement.

The catalog contains products from over 5,000 suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. It lists over 5 million items from vendors specializing in maintenance, repair and operations; IT capital equipment and supplies; office and healthcare supplies; and telecommunications.

MSC 3.1 is available as part of the Commerce One BuySite procurement application. Participating vendors serve mainly North America, but over time vendors from all over the world will join the initiative. Vendors include Office Depot, NECX, Hutton Communications, Praxair, 3M, Black & Decker, Graybar, Philips Lamps and Eveready Battery.