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Dialog Launches GlobalNews Plus

The Dialog Corp. launched its new GlobalNews Plus news service, giving users unlimited access to over 1,250 newspapers, business magazines and newswires from around the world at a fixed price.

The news file incorporates World Reporter, which is indexed to InfoSort standards to provide easy access to the widest choice of news, the company stated.

World Reporter is a joint venture between The Dialog Corporation plc, Dow Jones Interactive Publishing Inc. and F.T. Business Enterprises Ltd. It offers most English-language news in full-text, from such sources as Extel Company News, The Economist and Dow Jones Online News. It presents foreign-language news, from sources such as Le Monde, Xiandai Huagong and La Repubblica, as translated abstracts.

InfoSort technology, applied to the World Reporter information, is made to allow users to search across multiple sources simultaneously. It ensures that all the information is indexed to a common standard, the company said.

"Our strategic goal is to enable our customers to access the information they need through the interface of their choice," said Derek Smith, executive VP of The Dialog Corporation. "Part of this strategy involves applying the company's InfoSort indexing mechanism to data from the Dialog databanks. Thanks to the application of InfoSort to the World Reporter database, users of GlobalNews Plus will now be among the first to benefit, with the ability to search and retrieve information from a greater number and variety of news sources, for a fixed price."

GlobalNews Plus is charged on the basis of a flat fee, depending on the number of users. For 50 users it costs under GBP1 per person per day. The information sources are also available on a pay-per-view basis.