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Alpha Telecom Opens Gateways To the Internet

London-based carrier Alpha Telcom implemented Internet gateways in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, as part of its drive to reduce the cost of telephoning long-distance and overseas.

The company said it is working with a consortium that plans to establish 200 gateways worldwide by the year 2000.

Alpha Telcom already has a customer base in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, including business and residential account holders as well as users of its pre-paid telephone cards. It can now route telephone calls to over 40 countries worldwide via the Internet, to such destinations as Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand, the firm stated.

"It has been predicted that almost half of international calls will be made over IP networks by the year 2001," said Stuart Eve, managing director of Alpha Telcom. "The technology is here now, the quality is good--yet the majority of big telephone companies are reluctant to launch Internet telephony services. It is our aim to be at the forefront of this new technology and we shall shortly be launching a number of innovative new products and services based on our Internet gateway."

Alpha Telecom claimed that its rates are, on average, 60 per cent lower than those charged by British Telecom. It expects to remain highly competitive with its increased use of the Internet for routing calls.

Enquirers in the UK can obtain more details about Alpha Telecom's services by calling: 0800 279 3202.