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FizzyLab Puts its Efforts into Context

After securing $9.5 million in venture capital last week, FizzyLab's CEO Scott Hudson treated his employees to a viewing of the current hit movie "Gladiator". A few hours of R&R probably was not such a bad idea, considering that the Seattle-based developer of context-driven search technology is about to go full speed ahead with its flagship product the "Relevator".

FizzyLab's Relevator is based on a mathematical modeling system that identifies meaningful relationships between web content based on concepts or themes rather than individual keywords. As visitors browse content on a newspaper site, for example, they will see a button or prompt indicating related articles. Without entering search criteria or typing a single word, this link will take them to a page with links to all articles having a contextual or thematic relationship to the original article.

FizzyLab's CEO Scott Hudson shared with seattle.internet.com that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer online edition began using the Relevator search mechanism last February. Hudson also announced that FizzyLab is very close to inking 15 partnerships with key national players in the business news market.