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Argus Systems Group Creates International Alliance For E-Commerce Solutions

Argus Systems Group of Savoy, Illinois, is teaming with German firms Netlife GmbH and TUViT GmbH to provide e-commerce solutions to the global market.

Security and performance are at the top of their list of priorities, said the vendors.

"Real-time, Internet-based transaction services demand absolute security, both for the consumer and for the organization providing the service," said Reto Staubli, VP International Sales for Argus Systems Group. "The consumer does not want his personal and account data exposed, and the organization wants to be certain that the transaction server and back-end databases are protected from attack by cyber-thieves. Management knows that high value online systems will be the target of deliberate and sophisticated attack."

Both Argus and Netlife have applications designed to enable banks and other institutions to create online solutions that meet stringent security and performance requirements. TUViT brings security consulting services to the trio, ensuring that deployed systems "meet or surpass" the levels of security required.

The three companies already expanded their reach beyond Europe and North America by opening sales and support offices in Malaysia and Singapore. They also have affiliates in Jordan and Australia who can provide support for customers.

Netlife's interactive, transaction-oriented banking solution is fully integrated with Argus's e-commerce security solution, the firm said. Currently, Argus supplies the only ITSEC-certified trusted platform that supports multiple (mainframe to desktop) platforms in a network configuration.