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CacheFlow Teams With UK Systems Integrator

High-performance network caching company CacheFlow entered a distribution partnership agreement with UK systems integrator BTN Internetworking Ltd.

The partnership is intended to enable CacheFlow to increase the sale of its products in Europe and satisfy the growing demand for appliances that enhance the speed of the World Wide Web by caching Web pages.

"In today's highly competitive network environment, CacheFlow gives BTN the ability to deliver reliable caching appliances that offer increased bandwidth gains and the industry's fastest download times, all with a minimum of administrative requirements," said Ken Baynton, managing director of BTN Internetworking Limited.

"As BTN serves a wide variety of blue chip clients with diverse networking needs it is imperative it offers best of breed network caching appliances that deliver multi-faceted benefits."

In a statement, CacheFlow noted that the market for caching products is expanding to become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2001, a fact confirmed in an independent study by Collaborative Research. Internet Service Providers (such as Demon Internet in the UK, which uses a rival product) are installing cache devices to reduce bandwidth consumption and improve their subscribers' experience.

Not only the Internet, but corporate intranets, too, can benefit from caching, said the vendor. A recent Forrester report said that by 1999 all Fortune 1000 companies will depend on network caches for the smooth running of their intranets.

CacheFlow embeds a patent-pending operating system named CacheOS in its products. CacheOS is designed to improve user response times significantly by providing cached pages for up to 75 per cent of requests. With its adaptive algorithms, CacheOS is self-tuning and easy to administer, the company said.

BTN provides LAN switching, remote access and network security solutions to over 900 different organisations.