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Looksmart Joins Geriantics to Launch Over 50s Web Site

Search and navigation engine Looksmart has struck an alliance with Geriantics to launch a Web site specifically developed for the over 50s Australian market.

Geriantics aims to encourage older Australians to learn computer skills and embrace new technology. The site is based around a series of categories, determined through research conducted by Retirement Villages Association.

Looksmart has worked with Geriantics to select appropriate content for these categories, while creating a site that is easy to use.

The Geriantics site has been developed by a physician and a communications firm, with input from local and international specialists relevant to older people.

"The Web site is designed around a series of content and services enabling users to get the most out of their Internet experience," said Geriantics chief executive officer Dr David Macauley.

"Ranging from hobbies and entertainment to health, and including essential services such as free email, chat and online shopping, the goal of Geriantics is to establish itself in the market place, developing new and innovative products and services for the older demographic," he said.

Macauley said that with more than 20 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 55, he expected Geriantics to grow and meet the needs of aging Australians.