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Upcoming IPOs

UbiquiTel provides Sprint PCS digital personal communications services in the western and midwestern United States, from parts of California to Tennessee. Founded last year, UbiquiTel is part of the national Sprint PCS network, and is part of Sprint's strategy in farming out medium to small markets to independents.

Another regional independent for the Gulf States, US Unwired (UNWR), went public a week ago. It opened at 11 and has been trading slightly below that figure since.

Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette is the lead underwriter (as well as for US Unwired). The proposed market symbol is UPCS and the price range is $12 to $14 (down from $13 to $14).

CrossWorlds Software focuses on using the Internet as a platform for connectivity tools. This allows corporations to integrate their sales, customer service and procurement application software. Their clients are mainly from the manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Some of their clients are Farmland Industries, Siemens, and U.S. WEST.

Chase H&Q is the lead underwriter. The proposed ticker symbol is CWLD and the price range is $14 to $16.

Staples.com serves business by providing an online solution for business office needs. The online arm of superstore chain Staples, Staples.com offers items such as paper, computers, business machines, and furniture, as well as services including payroll processing, Web site hosting, and Internet access.

Staples.com keeps no separate inventory, as it uses Staples' distribution centers.

However, etailing has been in the doldroms, so do not expect fireworks from this IPO.

Goldman Sachs is the lead underwriter. The proposed market symbol is SDOT.

Pricing is expected soon. However, not every company that files for its IPO follows through on it. Those companies that have recently withdrew their IPO include Noosh, Ohio Legacy Corp, Emed Technologies Corporation, Synchronicity, Link2gov and Intira Corporation.