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Internet Storage Company Sees Future Growth

Internet storage management firm ANDATACO continues to figure in the highly competitive storage management and RAID storage industry, expecting continued growth in the Japanese Open Systems marketplace.

Operating in Asia from Australia to Korea, ANDATACO is a growing RAID storage manufacturer, reportedly registering annual sales of around $100 million--with 10% coming from Asia--and is one of many companies competing in the lucrative RAID Disk industry. An industry with an estimated $9 billion at stake.

"We expect to double our market share over the next two to three years," said Tony Cequeira, Manager of Asia/Pacific sales. "Through the work of our distribution partners, we have consistently ranked in the top 10 when it comes to RAID Open Systems market share in Japan."

Along with ANDATACO, other major competitors include Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, EMC, Compaq/Digital, and Clarion.

"All of these companies produce and sell RAID technology, but we will be taking it another step when we ship our first GigaRAID/AA this month. This is a dual active/active controller solution, and utilizes a 100% Java based RAID management software utility. We support this on HP, Sun, SGI and NT platforms," Cequeira said.

"The system is one more step in our delivery of application specific architecture (ASA) solutions. We build RAID products that meet the I/O requirements of applications such as databases, image processing, Internet service providers, and others. No one else does this."

RAID "disk arrays" are designed to allow for many disk drives to be viewed as a single disk to a host or network, and offer greater performance, reliability and redundancy than standard disk drives.

"With our GigaRAID/AA, we can offer a single unit with over 1-terrabyte of capacity to image processing, video editing, and other sequential applications. This compliments our current GigaRAID/HA product line, which supports Database applications."

The GigaRAID/AA is managed by ANDATACO's latest Web Storage Manager (WSM), introduced two years ago. WSM manages RAID systems from browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer. ANDATACO RAID products currently support Ultra SCSI, LVD, and Fibre Channel technologies and are at work in companies such as NTT, Kansai Cellular, Matsushita, and Fuji Xerox, the company said.

"Where growth in the overall Information Technology has fallen off a bit in Japan, we see the storage products and storage management industry growing at around 5-10% a year, " added Cequeira.

"Our suggestion to systems administrators everywhere is to view these products as parts to an overall 'storage strategy,' rather than as the one component that can meet all their needs. Storage hardware and software needs to work in conjunction with an organization's systems and network strategy. Because storage is often the most expensive part of a new server installation, care must be taken to balance all components and to optimize performance and reliability."

ANDATACO products are distributed in Japan by Itochu Electronics and NOX Company, Ltd.