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Visionair.tv Cooperate with Chello

Visionair.tv is a new news channel in Sweden for the fast growing IT and Internet market whose focus is on the new economy including the stock exchange market. Visionair.tv is a part of the business magazine Vision that is a part of the Spray-group. The content is only available on the Internet.

Chello is the broadband part of the UPC cable network that services users with portals and information. Visionair.tv needs more distribution channels for its channel and Chello needs content. So the marriage is quite perfect.

The new partners also plan to develop more and better technical solutions as they both use Windows Media Player technology. Chello also agreed to be the main sponsor for the Visionair.tv channel.

"It is very exciting to develop our strategic cooperation with a well known business magazine like Vision. I am convinced that our different field of activities will lead to more growing ideas," says Bard Braende, content manager at Chello Broadband AB in Sweden.

The advantage for the viewer is to pick the time suitable for watching the daily broadcasting. The advertiser can make interactive adopted advertising.

The management at Visionair.tv sees this as a start for a interactive digital TV channel when the speed of the Internet is faster. To be an interesting partner in the market it is necessary to gain experience over time.

"In the near future our focus is on content for our broadband portal. The content will be one of the main factors in the end for keeping loyal customers," says Bard Braende.