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ITXC, Intel to Mend Internet Telephony Quality

Internet telephony reseller ITXC Corp. Wednesday signed up for licensing PC-to-phone software technology from leading chipmaker Intel Corp.

Intel's soft switch technology is designed to improve Internet call connection quality as more service providers take voice communication over the Internet into mainstream service offerings.

The licensing agreement allows ITXC to incorporate Intel's Internet telephony software technology into its flagship webtalkNOW! Service.

ITXC offers voice services to Web portals and Internet telephony device customers, who can integrate access into existing Web pages and other applications. The technology allows companies to offer Web-to-phone capabilities from a user's Web browser.

Abel Weinrib, Intel Architecture Labs director of communications, said as its Internet telephony technology is integrated into ITXC's products, consumers would experience high quality, interoperable IP telephony services.

"Our work with ITXC is part of Intel's continuing commitment to greatly accelerate the Internet voice-call experience," Weinrib said.

ITXC is combining the capabilities of the Intel telephony software with its proprietary call routing program. ITXC's patent-pending voice traffic management technology is designed to deliver carrier-grade voice quality over the Internet for Web-based callers.

Tom Evslin, ITXC chairman and chief executive officer, said its new wholesale Web-based partners benefit from the ability to serve their customers by using the advanced Intel technology over ITXC.net.

"We are working with Intel and other industry leaders to accelerate the growth of Internet telephony by offering better quality and features that the traditional telephone network simply can't deliver," Evslin said.

Intel's Internet telephony software technology improves voice quality by implementing features such as acoustic echo cancellation, decreased audio breakup, noise reduction and bandwidth conservation. The improvements create clear, crisp voice communications when making calls from a PC to a phone.

The software also integrates audio and configuration "wizards" designed to make it easier to integrate the software into Web pages.

One of the barriers that slowed deployment of Internet telephony has been a lack of interoperability across networks. Both Intel and ITXC are members of the International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium, an industry group comprised of more than 150 companies working to establish open interoperability industry specifications for Internet telephony.

ITXC considers its firm the service providers' service provider for voice on the Internet. It provides phone-to-phone wholesale call completion for carriers and resellers in addition to PC-to-phone calling services for Web portals, ISPs, and communications Web sites.

Both services provide quality-calling access over the public Internet by routing calls on ITXC.net. The network consists of 250 points-of-presence in more than 145 cities and 59 countries worldwide.

Carrier affiliates include SBC Communications Inc. subsidiary Ameritech Corp., and Bell Atlantic Corp.