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Revnet Brings E-Mail Marketing Solutions to Europe

E-mail list management specialist Revnet Systems, of Huntsville, Alabama, announced the opening of Revnet Systems Europe, based in Versailles, France.

Revnet aims to become the market leader in Europe for business-critical Internet e-mail marketing solutions.

Overseeing all European market strategies for Revnet is Denis Daull, managing director of the European company.

"By bringing Revnet's e-mail marketing solutions to Europe, we will help companies increase their communications productivity while realizing the time savings and one-on-one marketing possible with Revnet's advanced list management products," Duall said. "We will succeed by identifying and partnering with strategic European distributors such as Unipalm in the U.K."

"The new office will allow Revnet Europe to quickly form strategic relationships with key distributors in major European markets," said Stuart Obermann, president of Revnet. "Our competitive edge is enhanced because our permission-based e-mail marketing services are designed to meet or exceed all European Community privacy initiatives."

Revnet has pioneered some of the developments in e-mail marketing, having been the first vendor to sell a relational database-compatible e-mail list server and the first to introduce a Web-enabled list server. The vendor also pointed out that it was the first to deploy a field sales force in the United States, and is now leading the pack in opening a European sales and distribution office.

Among Revnet's products are UnityMail, a database-driven e-mail list manager for Windows NT; GroupMaster, that handles large-scale, server-based lists; and MailKing for customers that wish to merge and send personalised e-mail from a PC. Revnet also hosts its own e-mail management service, Revnet Express, for those who do not want to manage their own list servers.