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Opposition Targets Regional Areas

From Australia.internet.com

The major opposition party in the Federal election, the Australian Labor Party, promised to provide the island State of Tasmania with local (25 cent) phone calls throughout as part of the party's electoral "Tasmania Package," that could provide large savings to Tasmanian Internet Service Providers.

John Allan is a spokesman from the Tasmanian Internet Association, an organisation that represents the interests of Internet users and service providers in the State.

"The Labor party plan will provide significant cost savings to Internet Service providers in Tasmania, savings which will be passed onto consumers."

Currently, ISPs have to provide additional dial-in points to customers who are outside the local call zone to the nearest point-of-presence (POP).

Under the plan, users outside of the major cities will have the opportunity to benefit from local-call access to ISPs, when previously these service providers were not able to offer their services to these residents without users incurring higher call charges on a timed basis.