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MultiMediator Helps New Media Industry Help CRTC

MultiMediator Strategy Group (MMSG) is claiming an Internet first in its leveraging of the Net to make it easier for Canadian new media producers to be heard by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The CRTC announced late last month that they will be conducting proceedings to allow interested parties to provide the CRTC with information about the state and future of new media in Canada.

MMSG launched a free Web service with an online submission form based on the CRTC's questions, in order to expedite written submissions from the Canadian new media development community.

The CRTC hopes to receive information that will allow it to determine the impact of new media. It especially wants to hear about the implications of the growth of Internet-delivered services, and how it can best assist the new medium.

MMSG will ensure delivery of properly formatted print and electronic submissions according to the CRTC's requirements.

"This free Internet submission service will help facilitate the discussions and increase participation from those in the new media industry itself," said Adam Froman, MMSG's president. "The future of our industry is at stake."

MMSG is a consulting firm specializing in interactive media. Their Web site is an award-winning online guide to the Canadian new media industry.