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HP Gets Aid in Wooing Sun's Server Customers

While it's dealing with its own woes thanks to a drawn-out merger with Oracle, Sun remains firmly in the crosshairs among other major IT vendors, including HP. And now, HP is enlisting some aid in making its play for Sun customers even strong. ServerWatch takes a look.

IBM has been crowing about its efforts to lure away Sun Microsystems customers, but it's not the only major IT vendor hoping to benefit from Sun's continued woes. Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) today announced it has a trio of new operating system partners to help it with its own efforts to attract disenchanted Sun customers.

Switching server providers, especially mission-critical ones like Sun's (NASDAQ: JAVA) UltraSparc-based servers, isn't a simple rip-and-replace task. A lot of planning and assistance is required to safely move stable, essential custom apps that may have been written a decade ago.

While IBM has its Migration Factory program to help in the process, HP has the former EDS (now called HP Enterprise Services) -- and now can add Microsoft, Novell and Red Hat to the list.

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