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iPhones Are Back in a New York State of Mind

AT&T had to do a mad scramble on Monday to recover from a public relations fiasco. Over the weekend, a few sites noticed that AT&T's online store would not sell the iPhone to certain parts of New York. This led to all kinds of conspiracy theories and nasty accusations hurled at AT&T.

Since then, the company came out with its own explanation, and has retreated even further, allowing the iPhone to be sold to those targeted areas of New York. So what happened? Enterprise Mobile Today gets the details.

AT&T is again selling the Apple iPhone to online shoppers in New York City, following a brief period over the weekend and Monday when the popular device had been unavailable.

A company spokeswoman declined to comment on the reason for the suspension, though a customer service representative said it had been due to several incidents of fraud in the metropolitan area, telling InternetNews.com that the device had still been available in physical stores in New York at the time.

As of late Monday morning, the iPhone had not been available for ZIP codes in each of the five boroughs, and was also off limits to customers in Suffolk County, which spans much of the western half of Long Island. During the temporary suspension, shoppers in New York City attempting to order an Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone through AT&T's Web site received a message reading, "Sorry this Package is not available in your area."

AT&T (NYSE: T) did not immediately respond to requests for comment on what issues had been resolved to resume sales in New York.

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