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Publisher Launches Web Directory For Storage Products

Applied Computer Science, Ltd. (ACSL), the UK-based publisher of the SPARC Product Directory, launched STORAGEsearch.com, a new Web directory for locating computer storage products for all major platforms.

The firm identified potential customers as worldwide users of storage products.

STORAGEsearch.com helps end-users, resellers and others to find manufacturers of RAID, RAM, winchesters, optical drives, tape drives and tape libraries--plus add-in interface cards (such as SCSI & Fibre Channel) that connect to storage devices. The site is currently online, although the publisher is still collecting information to add to the substantial amount already available. ACSL invites vendors to register their sites.

"Our customers in the Sun market have been asking us to produce a cross platform directory like STORAGEsearch.com for many years," said Zsolt Kerekes, publisher of STORAGEsearch.com. "Using the experience from our SPARC Web site, SPARCproductDIRectory.com, we expect to achieve in six months something which took us six years to do in the Sun market. In other words to become the Number One directory in this subject area."

Content in the STORAGEsearch.com site will focus mainly on manufacturers that specialise in third party storage, the company said. It will include storage products for all major commercial computing platforms.

Applied Computer Science is based in Baughurst, Tadley, England.