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Microsoft SA Hit By Explosion Today

The Sunninghill offices of Microsoft South Africa were hit by an explosion this morning at 5am that sources believe was meant primarily to cause a disruption within the software organization. Police revealed this morning that an "explosive device" was triggered in the courtyard outside the staff canteen.

According to Marketing Director Terry Annecke, noone was injured and the damage seems to have been peripheral. She revealed, however, that there has been no indication of the source of the bomb. "Police and forensics teams are working on that at present," she told sa.internet.com this morning, "but the damage sustained has been mostly structural in nature."

While general operations and telephone systems remained unaffected by the blast, the damage sustained meant some of the technical support teams were unable to begin work this morning. "Our mission-critical support teams are operating as normal, however," Annecke revealed, "and our normal technical support teams will be back to normal levels by Monday morning at the latest."

Annecke said that it was unclear whether the bomb was placed in the area or had been thrown into the premises over the wall. "We do have extensive building security though," she confirmed. "We are all really saddened that this happened, but people have rallied around and with operations largely unaffected, hopefully we can put this hiccup behind us."