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StreetsOnline.co.uk Launches European Entertainment Portal

[June 5] U.K. e-tailer StreetsOnline.co.uk announced over the weekend the launch of StreetsOnline Xchange, a portal designed to "shake up" Europe's entertainment industry.

StreetsOnline Xchange is a major project that is intended to carry over a million products over the next eighteen months. It will source the products from major and specialist suppliers with the aim of helping users locate hard-to-find and discontinued books, videos, CDs, etc.

StreetsOnline.co.uk already has a quarter of a million registered users and says it fully expects to see a million Xchange site visits each month before the end of the year.

"What will separate StreetsOnline Xchange from other online ventures is the incredible depth of content and functionality incorporated on the site," said Stephen Cole, founder and managing director of StreetsOnline.

The idea behind StreetsOnline's new venture is that consumers are frustrated when they try to obtain entertainment products -- such as a Jaws 2 video -- that have been deleted by the mainstream distributors. Anyone who wants a first print copy of Batman No.1 needs to finds a specialist supplier, precisely the task that StreetsOnline Xchange expects to fulfill.

There will be hundreds of thousands of items, fully described and categorized, on the Xchange site. It will even offer hitherto unpublished authors and musicians the chance to put their work online.

StreetsOnline says it aims to streamline the supply chain, simplifying transactions and reducing market costs. It claims it will not infringe any existing supply agreements.

StreetsOnline already operates some of the U.K's most successful e-commerce sites, including Audiostreet, Alphabetstreet, Gamesstreet, and DVDstreet.

The new site is intended to be used by businesses as well as end-users, offering full B2C, B2B and C2C e-commerce facilities. StreetsOnline says it wants the site to be the "perfect environment in which to buy, sell, swap or publish" entertainment products on the Web.