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Scandinavian Companies Form Europe's Largest Internet Alliance

Four leading Scandinavian Internet agencies have formed an alliance to create a new company with 300 employees in four countries.

The companies involved in the deal are: Netsolutions, from Sweden (70 employees), New Media Science, from Norway (60 employees), Networkers, from Denmark (45 employees) and Satama Interactive, from Finland (95 employees).

The new company will be called Nordic NetPartners, and it will be managed by Johan Wall, Erling Maartman-Moe, Tim Frank Andersen and Kim Weckstrom--respectively the presidents of the above companies. Its combined annual turnover will be over 250 million SEK.

"Many clients see Scandinavia as one market," said Wall, who becomes CEO of Nordic NetPartners. "By using Nordic NetPartners, they only need one agency to cover all of Scandinavia."

"Each of the four agencies is the market leader in their respective country and through the alliance we can offer the necessary experience and size to meet the needs of all kinds of clients. Now, we have taken the first step by establishing a mutually owned company to market and sell Nordic NetPartners," Wall added.

"Through the alliance we have already been invited to pitch on accounts that would have been too large for any of the agencies to handle on their own," commented Maartman-Moe.

Satama Interactive, the Finnish company in the alliance, was itself founded in 1997 through the merger of several new media businesses.