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Community Storefronts Program Expands

Industry Canada expanded its Community Storefronts program--an Internet commerce demonstration project for hundreds of small businesses and many non-profit organizations.

The safe shopping site offers consumers a wide range of goods and services, from professional services to original art. It is reportedly one of the safest ways of using a credit card online in Canada.

Community Storefronts claims to be the only national Internet commerce small business demonstration project in the OECD member countries, which provides businesses a chance to participate and learn by doing and share their story.

Using one of Canada's most secure credit card payment technologies, consumers can shop and donate online with a high degree of safely. Card information is transmitted from the online merchant's Web site to the bank, on a private and closed connection.

The card is validated and the money is transferred to the merchant's bank account by the next business day, while sending the client a receipt immediately.

For a special price, participants have been invited to use TouchLink secure real-time credit card payment tools, in exchange for sharing public testimonials of their strategies, lessons learned and results.

The government's goal is to encourage small business to review these results and adopt successful Internet commerce strategies.