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ChromaFax Color Fax Software Is Now Available Worldwide

Compressent Corp. of San Jose, California, said that its ChromaFax Receiver 1.1 color fax software is now available worldwide.

It is made to enable PC users with fax modems to receive color faxes direct to their desktops.

For people who own a Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet Series 700 all-in-one machine, the ChromaFax Receiver software will let them send color fax documents to any PC user with a fax modem.

"The HP Office Jet Series 700 all-in-one broke new ground in the industry by adopting the color fax standard and bringing color capabilities to small office and home office users," said John McCracken, vice president of OEM Sales for Compressent. "Using Compressent's ChromaFax Receiver software, HP Office Jet 700 all-in-one users can send color faxes to more people."

ChromaFax follows the ITU-T30e international standard for transmitting and receiving color documents via fax. The standard is designed to ensure accurate reproduction of the color fax at the receiving end.

"Compressent's ChromaFax software opens the door for the widespread use of color fax," said Commented Steve Sakumoto, marketing manager of HP's All-In-One Division. "It expands use of the OfficeJet 700 all-in-one's color-faxing capabilities since those using ChromaFax Receiver can receive color faxes through their fax modems."

Users may download ChromaFax Receiver software free of charge from the vendor's Web site.