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MMXI Market Research Finds Strongest Growth Amongst Communities

[Berlin] Community sites recorded the strongest visitor increase over the last three months, according to the results of the latest MMXI Europe study. The market research institute for digital media also noted a strong growth in the use of Internet-based directories, reference works and entertainment providers.

Community sites which purely exist on the dialogue between people with similar interests, had approximately 670,000 more visitors in April 2000 compared to February of this year. The novice entry Freecity.de recorded the highest visitor increase since February in this category.

With an increase of 25 percent or 600,000 users, the category "directories and reference works" took second place amongst the sites with strong growth. Following the trend beginning last year in the US, the category of "health" is also increasing in importance. The category noted an increase of 242,000 new users since February. At the top of the pile is still netdoktor.de, which responded to questions on health-related matters from more than 100,000 online visitors in April. "Of course the health sector still remains one of the smaller players in Germany at the moment with a range of only 4.3 percent, but it does have a big growth potential," commented Thomas Pauschert, CEO of MMXI Germany.

The Top 10 of German portals is headed by T-Online with 4.4 million visitors. Yahoo.de is at third place with 2.3 million users.