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Royal Bank Site Ranks Top in North America

According to a new survey of Web financial services, Credit Suisse of Switzerland and Royal Bank of Canada are the world leaders in provision of advanced Internet-based financial services.

UK-based Lafferty Information and Research Group conducted what is believed to be the most comprehensive global survey yet on the penetration of Web-based services into banking and financial services.

The study covered 50 of the largest banks in Europe and 50 banks in North America, as well as a number of insurance and Internet securities broking sites. Criteria included interactivity, content, navigation, speed, and design.

According to Lafferty, The high ratings for Royal Bank and Credit Suisse were due in part to the fact that they are among the select few that provide a directly accessible page with current interest rates for savings and loan products.

They say that a huge gulf exists between the banks and insurance companies with customer-focused Web services that optimize the medium, and the large number that reflect a mindset that is a recipe for failure in the emerging online market. These include "brochure-ware" sites that do little more than just post basic information.

The results are the first in a new quarterly research survey, "Lafferty Int