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Women Predicted to Overtake Men Online

In a few years, women will surpass men when it comes to online shopping, an Internet entrepreneur has predicted.

Emma Rosenberg, co-founder and business development director of Australia's online resource for women, theLounge, said during her presentation at the Internet World 2000 show that by the end of 2001, two out of every three online purchases will be made by women.

Rosenberg said research demonstrates that women currently comprise 39 percent of Internet users and 41 percent of online shoppers, an uptake which is "outpacing" that of their male counterparts.

"It is widely known and accepted that women use the Internet differently to men (91 percent use it for email only), and they need to be marketed to according to their specific habits and needs," said Rosenberg.

"Women and men have different online needs. Men are the 'hunters and gatherers', skipping from one site to another, whereas women surf for a specific purpose, they are increasingly time poor and know what they are looking for," she said.