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CRTC Hearings Information Glut Tamed

MultiMediator Strategy Group (MMSG) has devised a solution for keeping up with the thousands of pages of material being presented to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) hearings into New Media.

It will be very difficult for any one person to read all the submissions, or attend all the hearings. Consequently, MMSG developed a convenient online briefing service that will allow users to review summaries of all the significant submissions and testimony.

The service will consist of a password-protected Web site; summaries of written submissions available until November 20, 1998; summaries of comments on written submissions available until November, 20, 1998; a convenient search engine to make it easy to quickly locate summaries that are of particular interest; and a daily summary of testimony from the oral hearing stage of the proceedings, which will be available from November 23, 1998 to the deadline for final written arguments on January 15, 1999.

Having access to summaries of testimony will prove invaluable for those about to offer testimony themselves, for those wishing to make final comments, and for anyone else wishing to stay abreast of developments in these important proceedings.

Pricing for the service ranges from $800-$2,000 depending on the extent of service required.