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Will Mobile Computing Make the Office Obsolete?

Has the office seen its day? Cisco canvassed enterprise users and IT managers in a new survey, finding that a majority think the conventional farm of cubicles and workstations may have outlived its use, or soon will.

That's because the capabilities of new devices and networking technologies enable workers to contribute just as much -- and often more -- when they're outside of the confines of an office. Moreover, Cisco found that many workers are now willing to accept lower-paying jobs in exchange for the flexibility of working remotely. Datamation takes a look.

The modern era of connected mobile clients and remote access has changed the way people around the world work. A new global study sponsored by Cisco of 2,600 workers, split between IT managers and enterprise users, reveals that the 60 percent of respondents no longer feel that they have to be in the office to be productive.

The shift to a mobile connected workforce also has had an impact on employee attitudes about work itself, according to the study. Two-thirds of employees expect to be able to use any device they want to access their corporate networks. The changing world of work isn't just about attitudes; it's also about technology enabling new modalities for work.

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