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German Firm Announces "Wash & Cache" Package

[June 9] German software developer webwasher.com AG claims that far from slowing down response times its Web filtering system can speed them by up to 80 percent if used with a new cache server.

The so-called "Wash & Cache" solution released in Germany this week -- and not yet available in the U.S. -- is a combination of the Primergy WebAccelerator from Fujitsu Siemens and the WebWasher filter.

Dr. Horst Joepen, president and chief executive of webwasher.com explained that Wash & Cache does away with a problem that increasingly plagues the use of cache servers in enterprise networks, namely the falling number of bufferable Web pages in the cache.

"Caches are becoming increasingly strained by the dynamics of Web pages built from databases," said Joepen, adding that Web developers now tend to use evasion commands as a matter of course in order to keep the displayed message current.

Wash & Cache is expected to solve the problem by blocking cache evasions as well as performing its normal function of suppressing advertising banners and pop-up windows.

Werner Steinschmidt, director of server product marketing, Fujitsu Siemens Germany, explained how Siemens developed WebWasher software for content filtering and access control in-house.

"Since then, efficient Web caching for our enterprise clients has become increasingly important, leading us to recommend WebWasher ad filtering software as a technically sophisticated supplement to our Primergy WebAccelerator," said Steinschmidt.

Widespread use of ad filtering software is not, however, welcomed by everyone -- especially those publishers who rely on income from advertising to support their operations.

Nonetheless, webwasher.com AG plans to go ahead with a U.S. launch, saying that savings of around 25 per cent of bandwidth makes the use of Wash & Cache especially effective for Internet Service Providers.

Founded in October 1999, WebWasher.com AG is a spin-off from Siemens Information and Communication Products.