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Internet World Canada '99 Largest Yet

Mecklermedia announced its fifth annual Internet World Canada '99, slated for February 2-5, 1999 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The event is one of Canada's largest for e-business and Internet technology--attendance is expected to exceed 10,000 Canadian Internet industry and business professionals, with 125 leading exhibitors, including 3Com Canada, Broadvision, DoubleClick Canada, E*Trade Canada, IBM, Intershop, Reuters, Solunet, and UUNet.

Conference co-sponsors include The Canadian Association of Internet Professionals, Association of Web Professionals, Internet Advertising Bureau Canada, Network World Canada, Computerworld Canada, CIO Canada, Adeo Communications, the Zeff Group, DoubleClick Canada, IHS Micromedia, Ericsson, and IBM.

This year's conference program will focus on future Internet applications in six major workshops: E-Business Symposium, Enterprise Internet Forum, Web Advertising and Marketing Forum, Webmaster's Symposium, IP Telephony Exchange, and ISPCON Canada '99--a new satellite event targeted specifically at ISPs.

The keynotes will feature such luminaries as Todd Finch, president, Netscape Communications Canada; Jeanette Symons, co-founder and executive vice president, Ascend Communications; John Patrick, vice president, Internet Technology, IBM; and James Adams, CEO of United Press International.

For more information on exhibiting, e-mail canada@mecklermedia.com, or dysart@inforamp.net for program information. Online registration as well as daily Canadian Internet-related news is also available at the canada.internet.com site.