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VCs and Dotcoms Face-to-Face at E-Commerce Summit

[Italy] The annual E-Commerce Summit, a leading conference on European ebusiness, will take on a new dimension this year to bring venture capitalists and dotcom CEOs face-to-face, organizers told Internet News.

The goal of the Summit, according to producer and director, Phebe Archer, has always been to enhance European ebusiness by presenting various issues and technologies. Given the region's current stage of Internet development, providing a venue that also offers CEOs the opportunity to present their business models to investors seemed the next logical step.

According to the European Economic Commission, revenues from the region's e-commerce over the next three years will equal 420 billion, a significant increase over the 16.8 billion of 1999. As a result, new Internet companies emerging daily, and more and more investors are looking towards Europe for a share of the B2B and B2C growth. The new E-Commerce Summit initiative promises a platform to make these transactions easier.

"Registration is limited and delegates are selected to participate based on their 2-page executive summaries submitted by e-mail to business.italy@flashnet.it or by fax to +39-065880851 on or before 4 July 2000," Archer explained. "Those who have written business plans are required to submit one 15-page plan 60 days prior to the Summit, or prior to 4 August 2000. These plans will form the basis of the discussion and revision that will take place in intermediate and expert workshops on October 5 and 6, 2000. The workshops will be conducted in both English and Italian."