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CBC to Debut Multimedia News Site

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is introducing CBC News Online, a comprehensive source of Canadian news on the World Wide Web.

CBC News Online is the only Internet news site in Canada producing original Web content enhanced by audio and video created specifically for an Internet audience.

All the journalistic experience, expertise, and depth of CBC Radio, CBC Television and CBC Newsworld will be accessible in the new integrated Web site. Visitors will find the latest in international, national, and local news delivered in a multimedia format. Content will include the latest headlines, in-depth analysis, regional context, interactive forums, and extensive video and audio reports.

"CBC News Online reflects the unique strengths and values of CBC journalism--accuracy, integrity, and immediacy," said Ken Wolff, Executive Producer of CBC News Online and Newsworld Online. "CBC journalists are the best news gatherers in the country in television and radio; now we'll have the best journalism on the Internet too."

Web statistics show that more and more Canadians are going online for news and information. An A.C. Nielson survey conducted last Fall showed that 31% of the Canadian population uses Internet, and of those one-third claim to go online regularly for current news.

CBC News Online is scheduled to debut on November 16 on CBC's homepage.