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Japan, China Forge Internet Research Link

In line with Sino-Japanese cooperation on technological developments, Japan's Nihon Net Research Foundation and the China Internet Research Foundation recently agreed to share research, engage in joint projects and exchange personnel.

Nihon Net Research Foundation is a non-profit think tank that includes such prominent Japanese companies as Tokyu Corp., Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo Telecommunication Network Co. Inc., and Creative Link Corp.

China Internet Corp., which is also the only foreign member of the Nihon Foundation, established the China Internet Research Foundation in early November.

"China Internet Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization which has been established to promote scientific excellence, generate employment opportunities, competitiveness and work in partnership with the government and business community in advancing Internet development in the greater China region," said Ellen O'Gorman, public relations manager for China Internet Corp.

Peter Yip, vice chairman of China Internet Corp, said the link between the foundations promotes cross-border exchange of information in Asia and works as a "forum to bring government, commercial and academic elements together to develop the Internet."

The two foundations plan to eventually co-develop an Asian Internet Research Foundation that will develop alternatives to US technology for regional markets.

"With the foundations, we can do a lot of experimental projects," said K. Yuki Sanekata, president of Creative Link. "With this foundation, China, Japan and Asia together can make a good business model where we don't have to copy America or follow America."

The establishment of the China Internet Research Foundation and its affiliation with its sister foundation in Japan is consistent with a declared policy of the Chinese government to examine the Japanese model of technological achievement.

During Chinese President Jiang Zemin's recent visit to Japan, a Chinese government source of the South China Morning Post reported that, "President Jiang will take a personal look at the viability of the Japanese model which has had a tremendous influence on Chinese modernization."