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More E-Commerce From ComExchange

ComExchange in Sweden will expand into several new business areas within business-to-business and hopes to attract traders from different markets and also give price cuts to consumers.

Within a year ComExchange will open about 30 different portals within different areas and markets. These sites and portals can be in areas such as food with different sub-areas like fish, meat and beverages. Through these portals, sellers and buyers from Sweden or a foreign country can trade.

"We have a very good concept. We will challenge but also complement the established sales and distribution models. New technology creates an open attitude compared to what we are used to and this makes it possible to price cut on a broad range both in the consumer level and within the catering center market," says Lars Holmqvist, vice president for ComExchange and responsible for this new launch.

The business vehicle is based on two things. Price cut with 20 to 30 percent compared to the traditional way of purchasing and making it possible for smaller suppliers to enter the chain.

Portals will be stared in areas like food, chemical, building, printing, engineering industry, car industry, steel and health care. The trade can handle products, services and free capacity. The buying and selling will be done through auction or bidding.

"The goal is to make the portal become a natural place to meet within each business area and after 6 to 9 months, we plan that each are to become profitable," says Lars Holmqvist.

For this expansion, the company created an IPO and will be traded on stock exchange in Stockholm.