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United MTA Launches New Site, Adds Two HK Indexes

Hong Kong company United MTA will launch its new site, www.hk.com, and introduce two new localized search engines on December 15.

One of the new offerings is a general Hong Kong search engine that indexes 5,000 domain names of Hong Kong Web sites.

The second engine is the newest addition to its range of industry-focused search engines.

"It will index 10-11 public service organizations, including HKPC, Legco and the info.gov.hk site," said Maren Leizaola, executive officer of United MTA.

www.hk.com is linked to United MTA's established Search Hong Kong site which contains the four other engines including a job agency index, an IT press index, a business topics index, and a general news index.

"The search engine industry is going to become more and more localized," commented Leizaola. "When we built Search Hong Kong, we realized that the Internet is growing and that quality is going down."

According to Leizaola, United MTA will provide the Search HK searching technology for free.

"Any Webmaster can use Search HK as their own site engine and provide results for their pages," stated Leizaola.