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PanAmSat Links South Korean ISP To US Internet Backbone

DACOM Corp.'s BORANet, South Korea's largest Internet service provider, is now connected to the U.S. Internet backbone over PanAmSat Corp.'s PAS-2 Pacific Ocean Region Satellite.

"South Korea is an important addition to the list of more than 40 countries around the world that already use PamAmSat satellites for quick, reliable delivery of Internet content," said David Berman, PamAmSat's senior vice president for program distribution. "Korea's first major step to becoming a player in the industry was taken when telecoms were deregulated."

"Since then, DACOM has been able to broaden its service and provide more efficient services to its customers."

DACOM Corp is one of South Korea's three licensed international telecommunications carriers and its Internet service was recently named the best in the Asia-Pacific region by Data Communications Magazine.

PamAmSat is a leading provider of satellite-based communications services with a global network of 18 satellites.

Through its SPOTbytes line of Internet services, PanAmSat provides a "one-stop-shopping resource" designed for international ISP's, backbone providers, and customers who want access the U.S. Internet backbone from one of PanAmSat's U.S. teleports.

"PamAmSat recently launched two new satellites with Asian coverage, PAS-7 and PAS-8, and now has four total over the region," commented Berman. "We've already experienced 100 percent growth in capacity and will gauge the growth of new services as those satellites come online."

According to Berman, the change in Internet traffic patterns in Asia has been significant.

"Two years ago when we first began carrying Internet services for Asian customers, the majority of traffic was between Asia and the U.S.," stated Berman. "Now we have an incredible amount of intra-Asia traffic that will soon rival the amount of traffic we still transmit to and from the U.S."

In the past year, South Korea has faced its share of Asia's economic turmoil, but its economy has begun to show signs of improvement.

"The country has experienced one economic miracle. We expect to be part of the next one," Berman pointed out. "The rise of the South Korea since the last war was huge, and, while the economy has faltered a bit recently, deregulation is the key to restarting it."