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Sydney Upgraded to GPRS

Telecommunications manufacturer Ericsson and national telco Telstra have upgraded the Greater Sydney GSM network to also accommodate General Packet Radio Switch (GPRS) data services, after demonstrating the technology locally earlier this month.

GPRS is designed particularly to take advantage of mobile data services such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Within this network system, data transfer can be almost instantaneous, and data is charged according to the amount transmitted, rather than the connection time currently core to the GSM system. With GPRS, users are always connected, and pay for data as they use it.

With the network, telstra.com customers will be able to access WAP-based information, through a range of prototype terminals Ericsson has developed for GPRS and started demonstrating this month.

As part of the June 14 GPRS network demonstration to display the technology's capabilties, Ericsson held a three-way chat session between two GPRS mobiles and PCs at the demonstration site and a desktop PC at a remote location.