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Network Solutions Grabs Software Firm

Moving to bulk up its product offerings, the Network Solutions Registry late Wednesday snagged software firm Acme Byte and Wire LLC for an undisclosed amount.

The domain directory division for Network Solutions Inc., now a unit of Verisign Inc., bought Acme Byte and Wire, which has extensive experience with Domain Name System (DNS) and Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software.

Acme Byte and Wire provides DNS-related services including DNS hosting, consulting and training. The firm focuses on DNS environmental assessment, architectural design and implementation.

Acme Byte and Wire's partners and domain system software experts, Cricket Liu and Matt Larson, will join the NSI Registry as director of DNS product development and DNS platform manager, respectively.

Although specific personnel details are not available, the Registry said it's likely that the Acme Byte and Wire employees will relocate to Network Solutions' headquarters in Herndon, Va.

The Registry, the world's leading provider of Internet locator services with more than 15 million names registered, maintains the directory for Web addresses and is responsible for the infrastructure that moves this information over the Web.

Network Solutions Thursday also said it would crack down on the rash of unpaid domain name registrations by placing delinquent registrations in a new auction site. If this results in a transfer to a new registrant through the auction site, the proceeds the firm receives from the transfer, up to the full amount of the registration fee, will be retained by Network Solutions to cover users' registration fees.

According to Thomas E. van Gorder, vice president of sales and business development, customers will be sent the standard three-step billing query -- the original bill, a late notice and a notice of deactivation. If payment is still not made as of June 28, Network Solutions will enter the domain name on the auction site.

Russ Smith, a domain speculator and operator of the Consumer.Net Web site, said he was unhappy with Network Solutions' decision to auction domain names.

"I'm unhappy because I can't get a chance to register the domains that normally would be dropped by now," Smith said. "I've watched several domains that were about to be dropped, which were released on a regular basis up until a few weeks ago and all of a sudden that stopped. So right now they're holding a number of domains on held and people who want to register for them can't."