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AT&T@Phone Cuts Int'l Rates, Closes Deal With JCB

AT&T Jens, a Japan-based commercial ISP and joint venture between AT&T and 25 Japanese companies, has reduced the international call rates for AT&T@phone Internet telephony and fax services offered in Japan.

Available now, the rate reductions cover 16 popular international destinations among the 130 countries accessible with the service.

Rates to the US have been lowered by 21 percent to 26 yen per minute (22 US cents per minute) while rates to Korea, Australia and Germany have be cut by 20 percent.

"Customers can make calls at a flat rate and do not have to pay any registration fees or monthly basic charges," said Chiyoki Saeki, a spokesperson for AT&T Japan. "On average, calls placed using AT&T@phone are 70 percent less than rates charged by traditional carriers."

Last week, AT&T Jens was also selected by Japan's leading credit card company, JCB Co. Ltd., to provide domestic and international telephony services for its 38 million customers.

The AT&T@phone service, available from 4 January 1999, will allow JCB cardholders to make Internet based calls at a rate that is five percent lower than the rates normally charge to AT&T customers.

"JCB has selected AT&T Jens as the Internet telephony service provider for its cardmembers because we trust the quality and reliability of the AT&T@phone service," said Hironobu Akiyama, JCB's general manager of Telecom Services.

"Making phone calls using Internet telephony is a reliable, low-cost alternative to the traditional carriers which is especially helpful to customers in these price conscious times," said Darryl Green, president of AT&T Jens.

"By using the AT&T@phone service, JCB cardmembers will be joining the many other AT&T@phone customers and enjoying the lower costs of making calls worldwide," continued Green.

AT&T Jens claims to be Japan's first commercial ISP and operates a high-bandwidth, high speed backbone network with access to regional and US backbones.