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Google Launches Super Search Engine

In a showdown with rivals AltaVista Co. and Inktomi Corp., Google Inc. Monday rolled out what it claims is the largest search engine on the Net.

With it, the fast growing Google scored a major coup by dethroning Inktomi from the default search engine provider slot on Yahoo! Inc. Financial terms for that deal were not disclosed.

Comprising more than 1 billion URLs, the new and improved Google search offers users a comprehensive collection of Web sites, which can be easily searched with Google's fast and highly relevant search technology.

According to a recent survey conducted by the NEC Research Institute, there are more than 1 billion Web pages online today. Google now offers users the ability to search almost all of this content, providing access to 560 million Web pages and 500 million partially indexed URLs.

Integrated with more than 70 portals and destination sites worldwide, Google's search technology will soon power more than 30 million searches per day on Google.com and its partner Web sites. Google's new search index also represents the largest collection of international Web sites on the Internet, and is a key part of Google's strategy to expand its reach to new international markets.

"Google continues to demonstrate the most innovative search technology on the Internet. Now with the largest index available, our users will get not only the most relevant search results but also the most comprehensive," said Sergey Brin, Google president and co-founder. "We remain obsessed with providing our users with the highest quality search experience on the Web."

In its deal with portal titan Yahoo!, Google's engine will serve as a complement to Yahoo!'s Web directory and navigational guide within the next 30 days.

Jeff Mallett, president and chief operations officer of Yahoo!, said the deal was a no-brainer because the two firms share the same desire to boost consumer growth and scale as high as possible on the Web.

"We're extremely proud that Yahoo! has selected Google to complement its existing directory and navigational guide," added Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and president. "This is a significant milestone for Google and a strong validation of our business strategy."

Shannon Stubo, a spokesperson for Yahoo!, said the quality of Google's latest search engine exceeds that of Inktomi's, which had been the default search provider for the portal giant since 1998. Inktomi took over the search provider reigns for Yahoo! from AltaVista.

Bob Rankin, publisher of the Internet Tourbus site, said he believed Yahoo!'s shuffling of search providers stems from one thing: money.

"I think Google just offered Yahoo a better deal, and Inktomi decided to move into a different type of relationship with Yahoo," Rankin said via e-mail.

Rankin, whose site addresses the bare bones of the Internet sector, said he thinks Google's one billion URL index is a "lot of smoke and mirrors."

"I have to believe that search engines such as Google who boast a significantly larger index are playing games -- either including dupes or other "fluff" to pump up the numbers," he said. "Some searches I've done since the Giga Google announcement fail to bear out their claim of an index that's 3X larger than their competitors. Some searches at Google did return more hits, but some didn't."