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Ad Network Closes Deal With Taiwan's #2 ISP

Taiwan's only ad network provider, Asiad Corp., has signed an exclusive deal with SEEDNet, the country's second largest Internet service provider.

The CEO of Asiad Corp., Steve Fox, told Asia.InternetNews that the Asiad Network already represents 20 of Taiwan's most popular Web sites.

According to Fox, Asiad's ad network is getting 15 million page views per month putting Asiad Network in the top 5 sites in Taiwan in terms of ad views served.

Fox and his partner, Jessie Chen, launched the network in July 1998. Both have worked in the Taiwanese Internet business since early 1995 developing content sites for themselves and clients.

Asiad is utilizing NetGravity's AdServer and has localized the system for the Taiwanese market.

"Our clients love it. We've localized the system so we can serve Chinese ads and we can give them Chinese reports to show their performances," said Fox. "Netgravity is a very stable system."

"Asiad also has an experienced interactive department which assists clients with the execution of their web campaign, including localization, database back-ends, and development of rich-media advertising," said Fox.

Advertisers on the Asiad Network include AT&T, Philips, Motorola, Opel, Ford, Ericsson, Epson, Citibank and NEC Biglobe.

"From day one, [Asia has] been giving a world class professional service," said Michael Rogero, director of McCann Interactive Taiwan, which represents Motorola and GM Opel.

"In July, I ran one of my first campaigns with them and, online, we outsold all the Opel dealerships in the entire country combined through our banner ads on Asiad's network," continued Rogero.

"The Internet advertising market in Taiwan is very new. They are the first Internet advertising company that provides full service in terms of Internet technology," commented Danny Song, assistant manager for NEC Biglobe."We had a good campaign with them--more than our expectations."

The Asiad Network also recently concluded an agreement with Hoshin's GigaMedia to exclusively represent their broadband media content.

Hoshin, the cable subsidiary of Taiwan's ChinaTrust Group conglomerate, has reached several agreements with local and international web media and is producing and hosting broadband content sites for its customers.

"Asiad strongly believes that the future of the Internet lies with broadband access, whether via cable or ADSL," added Fox.

"In Taiwan, which has an extremely high cable penetration, we predict cable-Internet will likely become the most popular method of gaining access to the Internet from home within the next two years."

However, Asiad will soon have to face growing competition from foreign and local firms.

Three local ad networks will be launched in the coming weeks, HiAd, Curiobox, and Salad. Another local firm plans to introduce an ad service that utilizes DoubleClick's software. Moreover, 24/7 Media Asia is planning to take a share of the Taiwanese market.

"Everybody sees that [Asiad] is doing a very good job and they've been so influential in this market that everybody is jumping on the bandwagon," said Rogero. "Now, it's a real question if anybody else can offer the same kind of service."