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Swedish Firm Launches New Generation Search Engine

A new Swedish search engine,, is being touted as a "new generation search tool," and with an index of 2.5 million Swedish Web pages, is one of the most comprehensive search site in the Swedish language. is considered "the 5th generation of search engine," according to co-creator Jan-Olof Granlund. Visitors can search the content of e-mail, film, sound, music, pictures, Java and programs, Granlund said, giving the term search a new meaning.

A search for "programs" substitutes the need for shareware search sites. And will index more and create the biggest repository for pictures, documents, programs and more, he said. He said may render sites like obsolete.

According to Granlund, will shortly become one of the search engines on's Swedish version portal. Granlund's company, Concurrent Data Dynamics, currently hosts on its servers.

In terms of content, its closest competitor, the Swedish version of Altavista, known as in Sweden, has about 2.2 million Swedish Web pages.

Features of include:

  • Highest power for the price--It can be run on standard computer systems.
  • Total indexing--Everything on the Web is indexed, including sound, pictures, programs, e-mail addresses and video clips.
  • Easy scalability--Its easy to add more power and storage capacity by simply adding another computer.
  • Non-stop-computing--Database distribution and mirroring on the cluster gives highest redundancy.
  • Tailor made--Symmetric Information eXchange (SIX) is the key to the database GRAIL for fast searching in large databases.
  • Easy to go and hands free--The software system is easy to install and after booting, takes care of itself. An error gives a mail warning.