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Sagent: Making Companies More Intelligent

Sagent is a developer of e-business intelligence solutions. Basically, the technologies help companies focus on two key areas: costs and revenues. Think of the technology as providing a 360-degree view of a business - in real-time.

Because technology is moving so fast, Sagent's technology is based on an application service provider (ASP) model. For example, Sagent recently added features for XML information delivery via wireless protocols. Sagent has also focused on rapid deployment. There are features like pre-packaged reports and wizards to make installations easier. Futhermore, Sagent has a professional services division.

The company has a sterling customer list, such as Sony, AT&T and Kemper National Insurance. Sagent also has top strategic partners: Compaq, EDS and CommerceOne (companies that have been spreading the Sagent technology).

The CommerceOne arrangement is particularly important. Yesterday, Sagent and CommerceOne launched the BuySite Business Intelligence Kit (version 1.0). The product integrates Sagent's data analysis capabilities into CommerceOne's BuySite (which is a top e-procurement application). This allows B2B buyers to track enterprise spending habits, purchasing patterns and so on. Sagent's solutions will be bundled with all shipments of BuySite.

So far, Sagent has shown that it can produce strong financial results. In terms of revenues, the company had $14.5 million in the latest quarter, which was up from $8.9 million in the same period last year. Losses were manageable: $2 million. Further, Sagent added top new customers like Bank of America, Citibank, and OfficeMax.com.

The stock shot up yesterday on the CommerceOne news. Also, an analyst from Chase H&Q released a bullish report on the company, indicating that the June quarter will be strong. In an environment where companies are pre-announcing bad quarters, Sagent could be very attractive. But it would probably make sense to wait a few days, so as to get a better price.