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Japanese Ministry Sponsors Online Systems For Future Growth

Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) will help develop online systems for 17 public and private sectors, according to The Nihon Keizi Shimbun.

Sources at MITI told the Japanese newspaper that the government department would formulate plans and private corporations would develop the systems.

By the end of February, one corporate developer will be assigned by the ministry to produce the system for each industry.

The estimated cost for the plan is 30 billion yen (US$264 million), including 5 billion yen (US$43 million) for the financial industry and 10 billion yen (US$86 million) for government services.

The development plan is consistent with the Japanese Government's Emergency Economic Package which includes "Leading 21st Century Projects" among its provisions.

In a speech to the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan, the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Kaoru Yosano, said that these project initiatives would be jointly developed by the various ministries in order to enhance Japan's technological capabilities on the global scene.

"Japan needs to work on technology development, which is where the government must focus investment in frontiers,' said Yosano.