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European Airlines Team-Up on Web Marketing

Alitalia, the national airline of Italy and Holland's KLM (Royal Dutch Airline) have initiated a joint advertising venture that will involve print, television, and for the first time, Internet marketing.

While each company will maintain their individual Web sites, a new cooperative site, which will be the backbone for all joint sales and marketing operations, was opened recently under the title oneticket.com. While still under construction, the site promised to become a unique marketing tool within the airline industry.

Unlike most contemporary airline Web sites, the concept behind oneticket.com, according to Alitalia executives, is to offer a variety of information that is unique, interesting, and fun, while at the same time fulfilling the needs of travelers and the purpose of both Alitalia and KLM.

"Web surfers will be able to download screensavers with images of the fleet while it is airborne, at take-off and on night flights, as well as historic photographs of the companies," explained a spokesperson for Alitalia. "The Marketing department, in collaboration with the Technical Operations Department, has created a section devoted to Flight City where, in the course of a virtual tour, photographs and filmed sequences are used to illustrate infrastructures, maintenance and training activities."

In addition to the novelties of the new site, oneticket.com will offer traditional information, from flight schedules and ticketing to frequent flyer programs. Clicking on various doorways of the site, viewers will also be able to receive up-to-date information on global climatic situations, attractions, events, and tourist information.

For example, if one wants to find out what is playing at London theaters, they merely click on the appropriate data button. In this respect, oneticket.com will take on the role of a global tourist office.

Marketing the site is a major part of the Alitalia/KLM strategy, as indicated by a representative of the joint venture.

"Customers will be able to link to oneticket.com from both the Alitalia and the KLM Internet sites," the company said. "Links have also been established on a variety of non-competing Internet pages. Banners have also been established on the principal European search drives to attract the attention of Web surfers."

Print and television media will also direct viewers to oneticket.com, which, according to Alitalia, is supported by Web advertising.