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Visa Launches Online Service in Israel

Visa, Inc. has furthered its online international expansion as Israeli businesses and credit card holders can now receive information on their Visa card transactions via the Internet.

The Bank of Israel has authorized Visa CAL, the oldest and largest credit card issuing company in Israel, to initially include 100 cardholders and 50 businesses in CAL Contact, online service.

The service, which is designed to save clients valuable time and aggravation, enables them to obtain all current account information online. Using this new service, it will be possible to receive details of monthly expenses even before the printed statement arrives by mail.

Complaints may also be made via the site, for example, regarding an incorrectly recorded purchase price. The company's response to the complaint can be sent either by regular mail or by e-mail within two weeks of its receipt.

Using Visa CAL's computerized archiving system it will be possible to order a printout of expenses from six months ago. The printout may be received either via e-mail or by downloading a JPG file. Visa CAL hopes that in the future it will be possible to prepare binary files which can be input into electronic spreadsheets such as Excel.

To utilize the new service, cardholders and businesses will have to order a connection kit to be able to access the site. Holders of Diners credit cards, which are also issued by Visa CAL, will be able to enjoy the service in approximately three months, when work on the system is completed.

Visa has augmented services in other international markets as well recently. Earlier this week, Visa's Asia Pacific branch launced a partnership program on Yahoo! Asia's shopping guide.