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Verity: Making Sense of Information Chaos

For consumers, Internet searching is quite basic. However, this is not the case for corporate users. Verity has developed technologies that allow big organizations to effectively search their growing databases.

Verity's solutions are highly customized (based on the C language). With the technology, companies can manage hundreds of millions of documents - allowing for simultaneous queries. Functionality includes: high-volume document classification; internationalization; information dissemination (pager, email, Web page, etc); custom thesaurus creation; and even fuzzy search technology. What's more, Verity's technology is cross-platform, supporting Windows NT, Digital Unix, HP/UX and AIX.

Verity has become a trusted technology. Verity is used in the US Defense Messaging System (for daily briefings at the White House and the National Security Council). Other customers include SAP, Adobe, Xerox, The Wall Street Journal, KPMG, Boeing and Cisco. In all, Verity has more than 1,000 customers.

The company is constantly improving on its technologies. For example, they recently launched Portal One. As the name implies, it allows for the creation of comprehensive business portals. Besides having sophisticated capabilities, there is also personalization, unified access to multiple information sources and intelligent classification of information. Portal One is also compliant with XML standards and the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP).

Verity also understands that partnering is critical. For the Portal One product, Verity has alliances with Ask Jeeves, IBM, Computer Sciences Corporation, Lexis-Nexis, AvantGo and so on. AvantGo will allow for the delivery of content for mobile devices.

Verity has become an example of a very well-run business. In the past quarter, revenues were $30.4 million, which was a 58% increase from the same period a year ago. The company even had profits: $14.2 million.

As the old saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. If there is no effective way to use information, then the information is worthless. In fact, the information can be a huge distraction. The emergence of new online organizations - such as B2B exchanges, auction houses, and even government agencies - will result in much more information and, of course, much more demand for the services of Verity.