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Sonera, Nortel Take Optical Net to Finland, Russia

[London, ENGLAND] Nortel Networks announced Friday a contract with Finnish communications provider Sonera to bring advanced optical technology to long haul networks in Finland and Russia.

The deal will enable Sonera to offer a greater range of services including Voice over IP (VoIP) by greatly increasing the available bandwidth using dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) technology.

Pascal Debon, president, Service Providers Solutions, Europe, at Nortel Networks, said that service providers the world over now realize the importance of introducing new services and applications which can only be enabled through additional bandwidth.

The deal with Sonera would position the Finnish company to provide "a significantly greater level of fast, reliable, high-bandwidth services to Finland and into Russia and the rest of Europe," said Debon.

Sonera's Tuomo Kokkila said that the Sonera network offered a unique gateway between east and west, enabling European and U.S. operators to continue their connections from Central Europe to the Nordic countries and Russia.

Internet infrastructure is significantly less well developed in Russia than elsewhere in Europe, but it can clearly benefit from the advanced state of the industry in Finland.

Last week, Tuomo Kokkila, vice president of Sonera Carrier Networks' International Sales, explained how the network was being extensively upgraded.

"We are extending our network to the nodes of Central Europe and the USA, such as London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and New York. Sonera already uses DWDM technology in Finland. In the course of this year, we will expand the DWDM-based network from Finland, via Sweden and Denmark, to Central Europe -- and in the east, the network will extend all the way to Russia."

In 1999, Sonera made nearly half a billion dollars profit before tax, on turnover of $1.75 billion.