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DrGlobe.com Launches European Health Data Service

[London, ENGLAND] Swiss-based online health information service DrGlobe.com announced Monday a European "Health Account" where people can store and manage their personal health data.

Ali Kursun, one of the founders of DrGlobe.com, claimed that the service would benefit everyone, especially individuals who would be better able to manage their health information, and travelers worldwide who could access their key data quickly and easily.

"Doctors can see the medical history of their patients, employers will be able to offer their employees value-added health care benefits as part of the package they offer; administrations will be able to reduce their overheads and have quick information retrieval," said Kursun.

So-called Health Accounts (the name has been trademarked) are intended to carry information about the individual's medical history, insurance, and allergies, as well as immunization records, emergency contacts, and supporting data.

With DrGlobe.com, say the founders, the management of personal health information becomes quick, easy and cost-effective. To open an account costs just fifteen euros (US $14).

According to DrGlobe.com's two founders Ali Kursun and Constantin Syridis all the health data is completely secure, although it may be difficult for them to convince doctors that this is so.

A statement at the DrGlobe.com site says: "We believe we can elevate consumers' privacy and confidentiality to a higher level than paper records ever have, by providing them with the opportunity to control their health information and monitor its use."

However, no specific details about security were available from DrGlobe.com, other than mention of the standard use of user name and password, and an assurance that the site "has the highest level of protection at all times."

Hackers who have succeeded in penetrating NASA and the Pentagon will probably be flexing their keyboard fingers on hearing of this new challenge.